Airi's default prefix is a!

Anime / 11 Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!anime ani, searchanime Look up an anime from discord.
a!animeme Get a random animeme.
a!cuddle cuddlez Cuddle mentioned member.
a!feed foooood Feed mentioned member.
a!hug huggie Hug mentioned member.
a!kiss kizz Kiss mentioned member.
a!manga ani, searchanime Look up an anime from discord.
a!owo OwO
a!pat patz Pat mentioned member.
a!poke pokez Poke mentioned member.
a!sauce source Trying to find the source of an anime, manga or hentai image link.

Fun / 31 Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!8ball 8, magic, 8ball, mirror Magic 8-Ball, does exactly what the toy does.
a!ascii asciiart, banner, asciibanner Creates an ascii art with text you provide
a!card Draws some random cards from a deck.
a!cat meow, catpic, randomcat Get a picture of a random cat!
a!catfacts catfact, kittenfact Let me tell you a misterious cat fact.
a!choose choice, pick Pick a random choice!
a!chucknorris chucknorrisjoke Chuck Norris has some good jokes.
a!coinflip coin Flips one or more coins
a!compliment Compliments a user.
a!dankmeme Get a random dank meme.
a!diceroll dr Gives you a random dice roll from 1-10.
a!dogfacts Gives you a random dog fact.
a!fact get a randomly generated fact.
a!gif gifs Get a random gif from r/gif
a!giraffefacts Gives you a random giraffe fact.
a!horsefacts hf Gives you a random horse fact
a!insult Insults who you mention.
a!joke Get a random joke.
a!jsify javascriptify JavaScriptify your message
a!meme memes, dankmemes Get a random meme from r/dankmemes
a!monkeyfacts mf Gives you a random monkey fact
a!numberfact numfact, numfacts, num, number, number-fact, number-facts, numberfact, numberfacts Get a fact about a number or random number
a!reverse rev Reverses your text.
a!rps Play a game of rock, paper, scissor with the bot.
a!say echo Make the bot say something
a!shame Rings a bell on the server shaming the mentioned person.
a!ship love, lovecalc, lovecalculator Ship someone
a!snakefacts Gives you a random snake fact.
a!trumpquote Returns a random Donald Trump quote.
a!urban ud, urbandictionary Searches the Urban Dictionary library for a definition to the search term.
a!yomomma yomama Yo momma is so fat, yo.

General / 7 Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!bug reportbug, bugreport Found a bug? report with this.
a!help commands, cmd, cmds Display help for a command.
a!info botinfo, information Information about Airi
a!invite Displays the invite link of the bot, to invite it to your guild.
a!ping Runs a connection test to Discord.
a!stats statistics, botstats See the Airi's statistics.
a!suggest suggest Got a suggestion to improve the bot?

Image Gen / 2 Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!blurple blurp Turn someones avatar into blurple.
a!deepfry df Deepfry mentioned user.

Moderation / 8 Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!addrole arole, roleadd, giverole Adds a role to someone
a!ban Bans a user.
a!hackban hban Bans a user that isn't in the server.
a!kick Kicks a user.
a!purge prune, clear Prunes a certain amount of messages w/o filter.
a!removerole roleremove, rrole, takerole Removes a role from someone
a!unban Unbans a member
a!warn Warns a member

Music / 8 Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!loop l Turn on/off the loop of the currently playing track.
a!nowplaying np Show information about the currently playing track.
a!pause Pause / resume the song playback.
a!play p Play a song from youtube.
a!queue q Show the current queue of the current session.
a!resume Resume the song playback.
a!skip Skip the currently playing track.
a!volume Adjust the playback volume. (Limit 1-100 %)

NSFW / 5 Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!foxgirl Display a cute fox girl (NSFW channel only).
a!hentai Grabs a random hentai image.
a!neko Display a cute and lewd cat girl (NSFW channel only).
a!thighs Grabs a random thigh image.
a!yuri Grabs a random yuri image.

Settings / 8 Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!conf Define per-guild settings.
a!disable Disables a command for this server
a!enable Enables a command previously disabled
a!leave goodbye, leavemessage, leavemsg Manages leave/goodbye messages for this server.
a!levelup levelups, lvlup, lvlups Enable or disable levelup messages for this server.
a!modlogs logs, modlog Configures modlog settings.
a!prefix setPrefix Change the command prefix the bot uses in your server.
a!welcome welc, welcomemessage, welcomemsg Manages welcome/greeting messages for this server.

Social / 11 Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!crystals balance, bal Returns your points/balance
a!daily dailies, dailycredits, dailypoints, dailycrystals Claims your daily crystals.
a!deduct takepoints, punish Deduct a user's points
a!leaderboard lb, top, top10, leader View the top leaderboard
a!level lvl Returns your current level
a!profile View your profile or someone's
a!rep reputation, givereputation, giverep Give someone a reputation point.
a!reward award, give Reward someone with this.
a!send pay, donate Transfer some of your balance to someone
a!slots slot, slotmachine, slot-machine, slotmachine Try your luck in the slot machine!
a!title Change your profile's title

Utility / 9 Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!hastebin hb Upload code or text to hastebin.
a!price Compares the value of a currency (crypto, fiat) with another.
a!remindme creates a reminder
a!roleinfo Get information on a role with an id or a mention.
a!server guild Get information on the current server.
a!spoiler spoil Give a spoiler.
a!topinvites ti Shows the top invites in a server.
a!user Get information on a mentioned user.
a!wikipedia wiki Finds a Wikipedia Article by title.

Custom Commands

Command Aliases Description
a!addcommand ac Create custom commands you can allow users to be able to use
a!listcommands lc Create custom commands you can allow users to be able to use
a!removecommand rc Removes a custom commands for your server by its name.